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The best custom-manufactured windows.

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From the most affordable vinyl window to our exclusive top of the line composite, we have a wide range of energy-efficient color, grid, size, and shape options for replacement windows. Whether you choose vinyl or composite, double or triple-pane glass, at Leingang Home Center, you can be assured your homes windows will save energy, stand up to the elements, and last. Our OKNA windows come in a wide range of types, perfect for sunrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more!

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Standard Vinyl

Vinyl-frame windows are the most affordable option which also makes them one of the most popular replacement window materials on the market today. They are long lasting and energy efficient.

Insulated Vinyl

Insulated vinyl windows are a step up from standard vinyl. They are our mid-range option with added performance and efficiency.


Our top of the line. Composite windows are stronger than ordinary vinyl, and offer significantly less contraction and expansion. That means they won’t warp or crack during temperature fluctuations. And because composite does not absorb moisture, it will not rot, meaning no maintenance.

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