Give Your Bathroom A Mini-Makeover With Acrylic Bath Liners

As one of the most used rooms in a home, remodeling a bathroom remodel can be a major inconvenience. Cast iron or steel bath tubs are very heavy and extremely hard to remove. So instead of tearing out the bathtub the bathroom was built around, consider having the existing tub ‘lined’ with acrylic for a quicker, easier and more affordable alternative.

Acrylic liners are custom made to fit right over your existing tub or shower so you don’t have to tear apart your entire bathroom. They are smooth and non-porous which makes them super easy to clean versus an old porcelain finish that can lose its coating over time. By combining the strength of your existing cast iron or steel bath tub with a new easy-to-clean acrylic tub liner, you will have the best of both worlds. Acrylic liners also come installed with a new drain and overflow so you won’t have to look at the old rusty one. Several options of matching acrylic surrounds are available to line the walls. Add just the right finishing touches with popular accessories like shower seats, soap dishes, grab bars, shelving and caddies. Because you don’t have to tear apart your entire bathroom, you’ll have a completely new look at a fraction of the cost, in as little as one day.

Custom Cabinets or Cabinet Refacing – Which is the better option?

Kitchen - White

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This is a question we get all the time. The answer is almost always in the form of a question. “Are you looking to make changes to the layout of the kitchen”? Or “have you already replaced the countertops and flooring?”

These are some of the questions that need to be asked. Cabinet refacing is the perfect answer for the people that have already replaced their countertops and or flooring. With new cabinets, the costs are considerably more since flooring, plumbing, electrical, taping, texturing, painting and other miscellaneous costs can add up to or exceed the cost of the cabinets.

That is where cabinet refacing can really help with the budget. Often with cabinet refacing, you can update a kitchen without changing the countertops, appliances or flooring. In some cases, we can even do a combination of new upper cabinets and reface the lower cabinets without disturbing the lower section that involves all the other factors of a major kitchen remodel.

Custom cabinets are a fabulous option if there are changes that need to be made to the layout of the kitchen. With any kitchen remodel, space requirements and existing window and door openings can play a big part in how the kitchen can be laid out. At Leingang Home Center, our professionals come to your home and do all the measuring for you.  We design all our kitchens using the latest software and do a 3D design for every kitchen we do. This allows the customer to see their new kitchen in the planning stage and make adjustments that fit their needs and desires.

So, when you are in the need for a kitchen remodel, either large or small, give the professionals at Leingang Home Center a call for a free in home consultation.


40 Year Celebration & Open House

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2017 marks our 40th year in business and we want to celebrate. Join us for our Open House on Saturday, April 29. There will be food & drinks, prizes and some great specials and discounts that day. Bring the family – we’ll have prizes for the kids too!

Our staff will be on hand to answer questions about any of your home improvement needs. From everything on the outside like siding, roofing, windows, doors and decks to everything on the inside such as custom cabinets, cabinet refacing and bath systems. Be sure to stop by!


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Heavy Snowfall and Your Deck

collapsed deck

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collapsed deckThere’s no doubt that all of the snow we’ve gotten has caused problems with a lot of decks in our area. Decks can, and do collapse due to heavy snow and ice. Now that the snow has started to melt, you may think you don’t have to be concerned anymore. If your deck was under a heavy load of snow this winter though, there could be possible damage caused from all the weight. You might notice that your deck feels wobbly. That is typically a clear indication that it may need maintenance. But even if your deck feels stable, there are some other signs that you should look for to avoid damage or injury.

One of the most common sources of deck failure is where the deck attaches to the house, or the ledger board. Your siding was most likely cut to install the ledger board, so it’s important that flashing was used to protect your home from moisture. Flashing is a thin sheet of water-resistant material that creates a barrier and directs water flow. Make sure this ledger flashing is not missing, so that water runs away from the house and doesn’t get behind your siding. Also check that your ledger board is secure and not separating from the house, and confirm that it’s secured by ledger locks, not by nails or lag screws. Ledger locks are the only fasteners that should be used to ensure your deck is able to support significant weight and not rip away from your house. Look to see that step hangers were been used to securely fasten your steps. Check these and your other fasteners as well – like the joist hangers and hurricane clips – for missing nails, rust or corrosion. Also make sure that all post beam connections are strong.

It’s also important to look for rotting or weak spots on your posts, decking and railing, especially if your deck is made of wood. Both humidity and moisture can cause wood to rot fairly quickly if not regularly inspected and maintained.

A good deck needs to be designed and built to support the weight of people, snow and objects. Taking the time to inspect your deck for potential problems will help ensure your safety and save on repair expenses later on. If you’d like a free inspection for your deck, contact the professionals at Leingang Home Center.



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Condensation, Windows, Roofs & Ice Dams

ice dam

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There’s no denying it – winter has arrived. So what does that mean for your home? A lot actually. When the temps start to drop, we start getting calls and questions about condensation on windows and in attics. Because condensation happens when there are extreme temperature differences between the indoors and the outdoors, condensation is actually a quite common occurrence this time of year.


condensationOne of the first places it’s typically noticed it is on windows, which leads people to be concerned that their windows may be the problem. The reality is, however, that defective windows typically aren’t the cause of condensation. Windows are usually the first place you notice it because glass surfaces have the lowest temperature of any surface in a house. And while today’s energy-efficient designs of new windows do a great job of keeping the cold air outside, they also keep the warm, moist air inside. With normal condensation, there should only be a small amount of water on the glass. You might see it on the inside during the winter and on the outside during the summer. If this is what you see, don’t be concerned. If you see condensation between the glass of a double or triple pane window though, this can be an indication of a potential problem. In the case of a broken seal, the glass will need to be replaced. Sometimes, this alone won’t solve the problem and you’ll need to replace the whole window which is usually the case if the windows are old. And while investing in a brand new window may not seem like an ideal solution, a new, energy-efficient replacement can actually help save you money in the long run.


ice damAnother area people notice condensation in is their attics, which makes one wonder if the roof is leaking. Again, this is common this time of year, but even though you may not have a leaky roof, it’s important to take measures to keep your attic cool to prevent not only condensation, but also to prevent ice dams from forming. If your attic is too warm, the warmer air causes the snow on the roof to melt, and the water then flows down toward the gutters and the lower areas of the roof which are typically colder. It then refreezes, which causes an an ice dam. Because the water has nowhere to go as it continues to melt, it backs up behind the ice dam which can then leak back into attic. Left unattended, the water can also back into your exterior walls and other areas of your home, causing damage. So make sure that your attic is properly vented and insulated. If it isn’t, the attic air remains too warm, which is the main cause of an ice dam.

Overall, to help reduce condensation, you need to control the humidity in your home. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Make sure that the ducts connected to the kitchen bathroom and dryer vents all lead outside and not into your attic
  • Crack open a window or door daily
  • Run fans 15-20 minutes longer in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room
  • Run your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction
  • Keep curtains and blinds open
  • Use a dehumidifier

If you have questions about possible issues with your roof, contact the professionals at Leingang Home Center.