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Beautiful and secure entry, storm & patio doors.

patio doorYour home’s front entry is a focal point of its curb appeal. It’s what makes for a warm and inviting first impression. With endless choices in styles and colors, we can help transform the look of your entire exterior with a new front door.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, years of exposure to the elements along with regular use can cause doors to stick, creak, warp or crack. Unresolved, these issues can cause even more problems, so you should really consider replacing if you’re beginning to see any of these signs. Our fiberglass doors look and feel like real wood, but they won’t warp or rot like a wood door. They won’t dent or rust like a steel door.

We also offer premium vinyl patio door systems. Our vinyl patio doors deliver unmatched quality with their heavy-duty design and are built for rugged, everyday wear and tear. These weathertight doors provides a generous, insulated glass area to maximize natural light and create an excellent thermal barrier.

Regardless of the type of door you need, you want one that is beautiful, durable, energy efficient and secure. That is exactly what you’ll get from Leingang Home Center.